3 Considerations when choosing the perfect font

Can your fonts be read easily?

This is a mistake I see a lot. People choosing gorgeous handwritten style fonts that looks beautiful but people struggle to read.

Some fonts work well on Social Media but don’t work when applied to a website. It’s good to test out different fonts to see which ones work before committing, think of it like trying out multiple dresses for a major event. You rarely try on one thinking it will be the one, you try on multiple choices before choosing.

Matching your Fonts

Now you have a gorgeous font, what next?

It’s good practice to have 2/3 font choices. If you pick 2, have a font for headings and a font for the remainder of your text.

Play around here with different fonts, use Google to figure out which fonts pair well together.

Remember there is a whole psychology to fonts so make sure you take careful consideration when choosing the right ones for your brand.

Do you need a licence?

I use “Le Major” for my social media and website. I had to purchase two different licences in order to do this. I required to purchase a licence for my website and a licence for social media. I bought mine through The Creative Market for $18 each.

This is something you need to consider. How much do you love your font? What platforms are you going to use your font on? Are you willing to pay for your font?

It was a no brainer for me, I am totally in love with the font I chose so I paid. The licence was $18 dollars each which gives me the peace of mind knowing that I won’t encounter any fall back from using “Le Major”.