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6 must haves for every website

A cracking above the fold – This is the first piece of your website that a user sees the moment they click onto your website without doing any scrolling. This should be compelling, include a hook or solution to a pain point to entice a user to scroll.

Responsive on all devices – This means your website needs to work on any variation of a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Basically whatever device a user is on. Your content should look great on each device and be spaced evenly on each also.

About me section – Speak to your audience and give them an insight into you and why you set up your business. This is the perfect opportunity to speak about your core values. This section can make all the difference between a person purchasing from you or not. Remember people buy from people.

Contact form – Have a form where users who visit your website can get in contact with you. This is to encourage more engagement to help increase sales if people know they can contact you. This gives the illusion that you are always present even if you are not. Contact forms work really well for those users who do not use social media or have anxiety over making phone calls.

Glowing testimonials – Testimonials can often be that nudge a user needs to book your service or make a purchase. Reading or seeing first hand from previous clients gives you credibility and helps to build social proof. Even better if your testimonials include a pain point that you helped a client with.

Excellent user experience – Apply the three click rule to your website, don’t have a user take more than three clicks to take the action that you wish them to take. Consider your goal for your website and pages within the website and place call to action buttons to highlight the action you want people to take. Simplify a user’s experience, if not they might get bored and leave.

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